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Balancing Glucose and Insulin Levels Naturally

I thought you might be interested in the topic of balancing glucose and insulin levels because even if you do not have diabetes many people have blood sugar issues, they can be too high or too low or up and down, and do not know...

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Nutrition Optimization (NO) small changes BIG BENEFITS

Nutrition optimization means using foods that have more nutrients and limiting foods that have fewer nutrients. You can also eat healthier by substituting foods that contain additives /dyes/preservatives/sweeteners etc…for the...

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Nutrition Optimization

In order to optimize the nutrition you feed your body, utilize healthy food substitutions. You may think you have heard this before but I’m going to raise the bar. Raising the bar on nutrition optimization, means substituting...

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Diabetes Care: A Common Sense Approach

Current diabetes test standards do not include measuring insulin levels, despite the fact that high insulin levels would detect diabetes in the first stage. My suggestions are aimed at identifying diabetes as early as possible...

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Top 5 Forgotten Superfoods (Four)

Can you say Ch, Ch, Ch, Chia? The 4th forgotten Super food is chia seed. What is Chia seed? It is the seed from the desert plant Salvia hispanica and a member of the mint family. The word chia is derived from the Aztec word...

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