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My Rebirth as a Nutritionist

I took the week off after giving birth to my son. So I thought it was time to talk about my rebirth or reincarnation from my previous life as a low fat fanatic to a balanced health guru. It has been an evolving process but it...

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For All The Soda Drinkers (Part II)

You might find it interesting to understand how soda can affect you and why it is important to understand the foods and ingredients you put into your body. You miss the boat if you only pay attention to calories, fat or...

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Fats: Essential Nutrients For You

Fats are essential nutrients that enable our bodies to work efficiently. Here are just some of the benefits of fat: .

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Diet Wars: Genetics May Be The Missing Link

Genes may influence a persons risk for gaining weight and may help determine which type of diet (low carb, low fat or somewhere in the middle) someone should follow. If the science proves itself worthy, it may be your genetics...

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Balancing Glucose and Insulin Levels Naturally

I thought you might be interested in the topic of balancing glucose and insulin levels because even if you do not have diabetes many people have blood sugar issues, they can be too high or too low or up and down, and do not know...

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Nutrition Optimization (NO) small changes BIG BENEFITS

Nutrition optimization means using foods that have more nutrients and limiting foods that have fewer nutrients. You can also eat healthier by substituting foods that contain additives /dyes/preservatives/sweeteners etc…for the...

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