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Fat-Fast: A Tool To Avoid Throwing In The Weight Loss Towel

Fat Fast Cookbook

Why a Fat Fast May Help You Lose Weight

Are you ready to throw in the “weight loss” towel?  One reason that weight loss may be practically impossible is that you are in metabolic limbo. A fat fast may be the solution that can help.

It is a diet that we used somewhat regularly at The Atkins Center. For some clients,  dedicated dieting was not enough.  If this is happening to you, DO NOT THROW IN THE WEIGHT LOSS TOWEL. It is likely your body needs a rest. If you are pumping out too many hormones or your organs are not working they way they should give ’em a rest.

Try something that will rock your world and shock your system into submission. Try something completely contrary to the imagination…try a fat fast.

A fat fast will trick your body into thinking it is fasting when in truth you are eating 1000 calories. Some people may get away with eating up to 200 calories more. In order to help reset your system, you must consume mostly fat, 75-90% of your calories from fat (not man-made unhealthy trans fats).  Fat is the nutrient that has the least effect on your hormones. If hormones are blocking your weight loss, they will no longer be present to stop your weight loss progress. If this works, you will have found the answer to your weight loss problem…Metabolic Resistance.

Recipes To Help You Complete a Fat-Fast

Now, this is a complete mental adjustment for those who are low-fat connoisseurs but for you low-carbers, it’s only a stone’s throw away.  As most low-carbers typically consume 60-75% fat. This plan has worked for Dana Carpendar; and now thanks to her,  it is a much easier task for you.

Why? Because she wrote a cookbook! This makes eating mostly one nutrient, fat,  much easier and certainly much more palatable.
Here is Dana’s story, http://holdthetoast.com/content/so-what-happened-me. Here is her cookbook,  “Fat Fast Cookbook: 50 Easy Recipes to Jump Start Weight Loss, http://www.carbsmart.com/fat-fast-cookbook.html.

I had a chance to interview Dana to get a more personal perspective and better insight into her latest masterpiece.

Fat Fast Interview With Dana Carpender

Valerie:  What are your favorite recipes in the book?

Dana: I really like the shirataki recipes, especially the Asian noodles and the fettuccine with pancetta cream sauce. And the pepperoni chips are crazy-good, though I try not to eat processed meats too regularly.

Valerie:  Have you had any feedback on hunger or negative side effects? Positive side effects?

Dana: Nope, except people telling me they’ve broken months-long plateaus and lost 3-5 pounds in a few days.

Valerie:  How long can someone follow the fat fast safely?

Dana: I don’t think anyone really knows for sure. The longest I’m aware of that it’s been used in clinical research is 10 days. Jackie Eberstein, who worked with Dr. Atkins for thirty years, puts those who are seriously metabolically resistant on a rotating schedule of 5 days of Fat Fasting, 2 days of Induction. She has people follow this for as long as they can handle it, or until they’ve lost all their weight, whichever comes first. I trust Jackie’s judgment and years of experience.

Valerie: Yes I worked with Jackie for many years at the Atkins Center and I second that opinion. What are the ranges of calories and macronutrient breakdown in your fat fast and recipes?


Fat Fast Recipe Tid-Bits

Dana: We kept the recipes in the neighborhood of 200-250 calories each. They range from just under 80% of calories from fat to at least 96% calories from fat. I’ve arranged them in groups by fat content so that it’s easy to figure that if you eat something in the 80% range earlier in the day, you need to choose something in the 90%-and-above range later in the day to balance it out.

Valerie:  What is the average amount of time to complete the recipes?

Dana: Varies quite a bit. You can make pepperoni chips or Keto Coffee in just a few minutes, but the Coconut Flax Bread will take over an hour. However, once you have that bread in your fridge, all it takes is cutting a slice and spreading it with butter or cream cheese, and you’ve got a quick Fat Fast “feeding.”

Valerie:  Any important aspects of the book that we have not discussed and that may be important?

Dana: It’s useful for more than Fat Fasting. Anyone who is trying to stay in a good, deep ketosis will find it helpful, whether they’re doing it for weight loss, or to fight cancer, or to treat dementia. It should also be very helpful for parents with kids who are on a keto diet for seizure control.

Fat Fast Wrap up

Considering a fat fast?Speak with a knowledgeable physician before trying this and keep in mind, I absolutely do not recommend this for anyone who can lose weight on any standard diet. It should only be used for those who need a metabolic advantage and remove hormonal influence out of the weight loss equation.

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